Big Data Analytics Tokyoとは・About Big Data Analytics Tokyo

This year’s BDAT theme is “Real Innovation Through Collaboration: Uniting Innovation and Experience to Solve Real Business Problems”

The dream of any startup is to find product/market fit, establish well-defined systems, become profitable, and accumulate decades of experience. For those dreams to become a reality, early stage companies need key relationships with established firms: partners that can help their disruptive ideas actually disrupt.

Incumbents have earned all these accolades, but are always in need of innovation partners to keep their read on the pulse of emergent technology.

Big Data Analytics Tokyo (BDAT) is a weeklong opportunity for established Japanese companies and innovators from outside the country to come together to build tomorrow’s solutions. Hosted by Basis Technology, a company that has spent decades uniting the East and West, BDAT provides the ideal venue for the exchange of cultures, insights, and experience necessary for real innovation.

For Startups

You’ve got evolutionary ideas, but you need experienced partners to translate your vision into a market reality. At BDAT, you’ll have valuable access to people behind the brands everyone knows, getting you on the fastlane towards your next big partnership.

For Established Firms
Everyone can still learn. You know that: that’s why you’ve been able to build a successful business. At BDAT, you’ve got a chance to get in on the market’s next big thing from a curated set of startups in one of the most exciting places in the world to do business: Tokyo.

Who is Basis Technology?

Basis Technology has two decades of experience helping bring the West and East together in the name of better technology. Founded by AI pioneers, the firm understands technology deeply, and what it takes to translate great ideas into market-changing realities.

Big Data Analytics Tokyo (BDAT) is a cornerstone of that effort. With the BDAT program within ILS, we bring the best startups in AI and deep learning to meet major corporations. We connect entrepreneurs from outside Japan with their counterparts, prospective customers, and prospective investors in Japan. By uniting the pioneers with the proven, the conference serves as a meeting ground for the next generation of real innovation.