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Big Data Analytics Tokyo: AI for AML


The November 2018 subpoena of one of Japan’s largest financial institutions around suspected AML failures highlights the growing regulatory pressure banks are feeling in the country—and across East Asia—to improve their anti-financial crime programs. Increasingly, regulators and technology vendors are collaborating to help financial institutions tackle money laundering, terrorist financing, and other financial crimes through innovation.

In response, financial institutions are now grappling with how to integrate these innovative technologies. Addressing this challenge is the central theme of AI for AML.

Big Data Analytics Tokyo, now in its third year, connects entrepreneurs with major corporations in the world’s third-largest economy. This one-day event focuses on business opportunities in AML and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) by educating financial institutions on emerging technology for fighting financial crime.

Key Themes 

  • How much downside regulatory risk do banks face if they do not embrace innovation in their AML/CTF programs?
  • How can banks deploy AI, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) in their AML programs to mitigate this risk?

At this half-day conference, you’ll get the opportunity to network with representatives from Japanese, East Asian, and global financial institutions seeking to innovate. As part of the Big Data Analytics Tokyo (BDAT) event series, you can be confident that you’ll have conversations that lead to meaningful partnerships.

Featured Speaker

Jo Ann Barefoot


ジョアン・ベアフット氏は、Barefoot Innovation Groupの最高経営責任者であり、Hummingbird RegTechの共同創業者、Omidyar Networkのシニアアドバイザー、ポッドキャストショー「Barefoot Innovation」のホストでもあります。「規制改革」の推進者として知られる同氏は、ケネディビジネススクール/ハーバード大学ケネディ行政大学院の名誉シニアフェローであり、金融イノベーションと金融規制に関する著書を執筆しています

Jo Ann Barefoot is CEO of Barefoot Innovation Group, Cofounder of Hummingbird Regtech, Senior Advisor to the Omidyar Network, and host of the podcast show Barefoot Innovation. A noted advocate of “regulation innovation,” Jo Ann is Senior Fellow Emerita at the Harvard Kennedy School Center for Business & Government and is writing a book on financial innovation and regulation.