AI & Big Data Startups:

100+ Japanese industry leaders want to meet you!

Major Japanese Corporations × Disruptive Startups

What: Power Matching, Pitch Sessions, Speaking & Demo Showcase
When: October 23-25, 2017 
Where: Toranomon Hills, Tokyo, Japan

Connect with Japanese Industry Leaders

Make your first move in Asia at Big Data Analytics Tokyo @ ILS, which connects 400+ innovative startups with 100+ major Japanese corporations looking to partner or invest in AI, big data, and deep learning. Innovation Leaders Summit (ILS), Japan’s largest startup showcase connects the assets of large enterprises with the ideas of startups to promote innovation.

What is Power Matching?

Power Matching is three days of speed-dating style, one-on-one meetings between startups and 100+ major Japanese corporations. These companies want to invest in or partner with innovative startups in the AI, big data, and deep learning fields. To apply for this unique opportunity:

Step 1: Fill out the simple sign-up form to let us know you are interested.  We will contact you to make sure your company’s profile and goals are a good fit!

Step 2: July-Aug 2017: After application acceptance, you’ll fill out a detailed company profile, goals, market forecast, etc. in English.  If you have this information available in Japanese, please submit that as well. If you do not have Japanese content, we will translate and submit this information.

Step 3: September 2017: Browse the profiles of large Japanese corporate buyers and investors across industries such as energy, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, transportation, and make meeting offers to those that interest you. Also, receive meeting offers from corporations interested in your startup and accept meetings with those that interest you.

Step 4: October 2017: Receive your power matching schedule of meetings with corporations who accepted your meeting request and meet in Tokyo at BDAT@ILS.

Last year’s power matching yielded 2,190 meetings between 100+ industry leaders and nearly 500 startups, with a 43% new deal success rate!

Startups On Past Big Data Analytics Tokyo


“Speaking at Big Data Analytics Tokyo (BDAT) in February opened up many doors for Luminoso’s enterprise feedback and experience analytics through the senior-level connections we were able to make at the event. In just a week, I left Japan with business deals and offers that will be the foundation of our entry into the Japanese market. Thanks to our participation in BDAT, a path was opened into a market that is hungry for our product, but would have been difficult to reach on our own.”
Catherine Havasi, Founder & CEO

Recorded Future

“There is a tremendous open-mindedness to Japanese corporations, which means huge business opportunity in Japan for innovative AI-based solutions, such as our predictive threat intelligence. My week in Tokyo was one of the most deal-rich weeks I’ve ever had. I’m not one to lightly invest in a week away, but the exposure through speaking at Big Data Analytics Tokyo, and the support we received from BDAT in business introductions, interpreting support and more, made the trip a very good investment in our future.”
Christopher Ahlberg, Founder & CEO


“Big Data Analytics Tokyo was instrumental in helping us gain a foothold in the Japanese market. We generated so much interest and started enough deals that we hired our first person on the ground in Tokyo while we were there, and anticipate opening a branch office in the near future.”
Andy Palmer, Co-Founder & CEO

Startups Participating in Power Matching

Major Japanese Companies Participating in Power Matching